eX...it! 15
Fukushima or the Transformation of Souls

eX...it! is a Butoh Festival that takes place every four years, over a two week period, under the production of Butoh dancer, teacher and  choreographer Yumiko Yoshioka.  

In 2015, eX...it! hosted 8 Butoh choreographers, some of them butoh masters. Each choreographer/teacher delivered their workshop to approximatly 70 participants.

Yukio Waguri gave a talk on Butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata and his butoh-fu (notation).
There were performances by the choreographers and evenings of improvisations with the whole group of eX...it!15.

The festival culminated with choreographers working in pairs with a group of participants each and creating four performances. These took over various indoors and outdoors spaces of Schloss Brollin (DE) and were presented in two evenings to the audience.



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