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A Home for Grief | Installation

in Manchester at contact - summer 2021

A HOME FOR GRIEF project is currently developing A PLACE FOR GRIEF in partnership with CONTACT.

Collaborators: Will DickieHanna TuulikkiLydia Honeybone.

A PLACE FOR GRIEF is an installation, a place to contemplate grief. Listen to the voices of women from different backgrounds as they share with you their stories of grief and care. Observe the marks grief makes on the bodies of the bereaved. And contemplate your own marks.


This installation can be experienced on its own or alongside A WALK FOR GRIEF - an outdoor sound-walk guiding you through the streets of Machester. An outdoor meditation on place, grief and loss.


More info on A HOME FOR GRIEF here.

Experience it next at CONTACT

Manchester, July 2021 | more info coming soon

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