Fabiola Santana _ A Home for Grief _ image credit Phil Daley.jpg

Fabiola Santana is a dance artist exploring performance as a medium for connection, transformation and exchange.

Her practice combines classical and contemporary dance training, immersive theatre, audience participation, Butoh, actor training, voice work, the Nobbs Suzuki Praxis, and live art.


These are a prism from which Fabiola looks into the nature of human interactions, identity, place, ritual, memory, landscapes, imagination, belonging, grief, loss, and bereavement practices.

With MA in Contemporary Dance (London Contemporary Dance School) , specialising in the embodiment of imagery as a catalyst for creativity and artistry. And a BA in Community Arts Practice - Award for Outstanding Creative Practice.

Fabiola works internationally as a dancer, collaborator and workshop facilitator.

Afro-Portuguese descendant, living in Liverpool.

‘What makes Fabiola’s work so distinctive is that it delves into difficult, sensitive, and often private issues, and does so with huge sensitivity and humanness. Her work is beautiful and also brave and intimate; it places ‘care’ at its big heart’ — Alice Booth, Lancaster Arts.