I am a dance artist exploring performance as a medium for human connection and creative exchange. My practice combines classical and contemporary dance training, immersive theatre, audience participation, Butoh, actor training, voice work, the Nobbs Suzuki Praxis, and live art.

I have an MA in Contemporary Dance (London Contemporary Dance School) where I specialised in the embodiment of imagery as a catalyst for creativity and artistry. And a BA in Community Arts Practice where I received an award for Outstanding Creative Practice.

My artistic language arises from my training and my ongoing investigation into the nature of human interactions - identity, place, ritual, memory, landscapes, imagination, belonging, grief, loss, and bereavement practices.

I was born to a displaced Angolan, stripped of her homeland rituals and customs; and a white Portuguese father. I inhabit a space between ethnicity and culture.

The starting point of my solo work is autobiographical, connecting to its community and environment - in the hopes of creating performances and spaces that instigate visceral experiences and conversations.

My body of work A Home for Grief is a subtle rebellion, with the hope of affecting change in the ways we relate to each other and giving weight to the knowledge that we all share an ultimate journey...from birth to death.

I also work internationally as a dancer, collaborator and workshop facilitator. 
Originally from Portugal, living in Liverpool.