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DIY 2020 Fabiola Santana image credit Will Dickie.jpeg

How has colonialism impacted the care we have received from our elders? How did we experience their resilience? Can we create rituals and spaces to care for ourselves?


Over the last two years I have initiated this project in the hope of answering these questions.

An autobiographical workshop series where we explore our bodies as places of legacy; voice as ancestral calling; sharing stories; rituals; being vulnerable together. A space to discuss openly the impact of trauma and mental health on our female elders, and their resourcefulness. From these experiences, what legacy do we want to leave others?

As part of the project, I work with a counsellor when creating the dramaturgy of the project. During the sessions they are there, holding a therapeutic space for us, grounding us when needed.

Currently being developed through an Artist Residency with Metal Liverpool. More info here.

Participants' Feedback

‘It was like meeting my ancestors and starting to discuss with them intergenerational traumas and inherited patterns of behaviour, starting to figure out who I am, what I am made of, what importance does my heritage have in how I position myself in the world, society, community.’ Ana

‘I think this has been really revolutionary for me and my own journey of acceptance, self love and connection to my heritage. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with a similar background.’ Anahi

‘These workshops and this specific group of women helped me immensely to join the dots between my experiences and those of my ancestors, an incredibly valuable connection, which I don’t think I would have found as easily without this.Ellie

‘The workshop has benefited my well-being yes, it was great to connect with others and have a shared language of colonialism and the impact that has had on community and individuals. Fae

‘It made me realise that my creative process is connected to my healing and that I should see them as intertwined, that my experience in this lifetime is influenced greatly by what my ancestors went through.’ Lerato

Creator & Workshop lead: Fabiola Santana

Previous Gestalt Councelor & Workshop co-lead: Saundra Rhoden

Dramaturgy: Will Dickie

Previous commissions

A Divergency micro-commission -  hÅb
DIY 2020 | Live Art Development Agency | Supported by the Museum of London

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