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Dance Training/ Workshops

I believe that performer training in all its forms, excels when it considers the body, mind and spirit of its students regardless of their age. I am passionate about being a teacher and facilitator that both inspires and trains the next generation of creative and healthy artists — both physically and mentally.

The core of my teaching practice steams from specialising in the embodiment of imagery as a catalyst for creativity and artistry during my MA in Contemporary Dance (London Contemporary Dance School).

It combines classical and contemporary dance training, immersive theatre, audience participation, Butoh, actor training, voice work, the Nobbs Suzuki Praxis, and live art.

I create bespoke workshops and classes for students and dance/theatre professionals. 

These are designed to challenge participants to explore their imagination as a sensory and creative tool. Becoming movement investigators they find their expressive and unique language by embodying their imagination, while attuned to the present moment.

Ranging from choreographed dance sequences to theatrical excercises drawn from my own ongoing practices, the class/workshop provides a contained and safe space where the above can be explored and discovered.

Culminating in improvisations where the participants focus on creating an entwined relationship between what they want to convey, their feelings, and their technique.


I have also been invited to host talks and discussions with the students at Academia de Dança Contemporanea de Setúbal, focusing on my choreographic practice and  the transitions between being a dance student and a professional dancer - including the mental, emotional and financial challenges it holds.

Since 2015 I have been supporting dance artists that have graduated from my dance school in Portugal, by giving them advice and connecting them to other artists and opportunities, both in Portugal and in the UK.

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