Yumino Seki
MANJUSAKA: The equinox flower



Yumino Seki is a Japanese, U.K. based Butoh choreographer, performer, a movement and somatic therapist and teacher. She trained and performed predominently with Tadashi Endo, Yumiko Yoshioka and Carlotta Ikeda.

Inspired by Butoh, Yumino's work is dedicated to the authenticity of the temporal body. Collaborating with artists from various artforms, her work is a sensory journey for both performers and audience weaving between the present, ancestors and human condition.

I have been collaborating with Yumino in MANJUSAKA: The equinox flower since 2014. It is an interdisciplinary performance and a light instalation created for site specific spaces. MANJUSAKA is named after the flower in the amaryllis family. In the Buddhist tradition the equinoxes are believed to be openings where the dead and living converge. In Japan MANJUSAKA has long been associated with ancestors because of its vivid red colour and that it bursts into flower at the autumn equinox.

MANJUAKA has been performed at Coastal Currents (Hastings), Light Night 2015 (Leeds), Journey's Dance Festival (Rye) and St. Mary in the Castle (HAstings).

Yumino is also one of my Butoh dance teachers.

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