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'A solo female dancer (Fabiola Santana), in movements tough and beautiful, bone-clickingly jerky and femininely sinuous, embodies both Brkic and her grandmother.'

The Telegraph ****

A new music theatre work about one woman’s encounter with the aftermath of war crimes at Srebrenica, and her family’s connection to the Holocaust in Bosnia fifty years before.

Based on the memoir The Stone Fields, by Courtney Angela Brkic.

Performed: Fabiola Santana, Emma Bonnici, Victoria Couper, Eugenia Georgieva, and Olesya Zdorovestska.

Conceived and directed: Patrick Eakin Young

Choreographed by Jamila Johnson-Small

Composer: Christian Mason

Composer of electronic soundscapes: Shelley Parker

REMNANTS is a co-production between The Print Room at the Coronet and Erratica.

Visit Erratica's website here.

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