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  • Improve the sound-walk’s technology to make it more accessible and robust to reach my target audiences;

  • Collaborate with a technologist to create this technology and different touring models. Create an app that contains a map and triggers sound tracks as you arrive at locations;

  • Transpose interactions that happen inside of the cottage by creating roadside shrines along the journey, where audiences co-create and change the landscape by imprinting it with their own markings;

  • Re-work the sound edit for touring, adding invitations for the audience to connect their own body, emotions, present moment, the voices, stories and landscape. With an ending where you have the options to share how you feel, document a moment, or speak to someone for support if needed.


  • Find a derelict house in Liverpool to insert A Home for Grief and perform it over a long period of time -- allowing for the house itself to transform with the imprints of the audience encounters.


  • Work with visual artist on quality of exhibits - drawings, objects, tasks, soundscapes — for gallery.

  • Curate the recordings of the four women, and performance photos and objects;

  • Create tasks inviting the audience to make their own markings onto the space by sharing their own experiences through writing, drawing, and recording their own words. Contributing to an accumulative co-creation;

  • Create safe spaces to spark conversations about the themes;

  • Work with visual artist to transpose performance from a domestic space to a gallery space.

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