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A Home for grief WORKSHOPS

A series of intergenerational workshops where together we explore the potential for connection and humanity by exploring ritual practices to deal with death.

We sing laments

Make maps of our bodies and grief

Wash each others hands

Discuss openly about death and its ramifications

Take these explorations to public spaces


We explore how we relate, experience and respond to loss, decay and grief; and created new rituals bespoke by us, for us, to deal with it all. Aiming to reclaim the role of women as a conduit for communal mourning and expression.

In the current political climate where, more often than not, division is promoted over community, it is important to address and experience a creative language where the role of communal action brings people together. Through an exploration of these universal and inevitable themes a sense of belonging can be experienced.

The developed of workshops have been supported by LADA through a Diverse Actions DIY commission (Live Art UK). More info here.
And a residency with MAS Productions.

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