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Dying Matters Awareness Week 2017

Workshop in Croydon

Creating Narratives through Movement & Dance with Fabiola Santana - an exploration of the transformative use of grief, loss and bereavement as physical inspiration and healing process.

In this movement workshop we explore embodied memories, loss, bereavement, care, vulnerability, empathy and death. This approach promotes giving care and replenishing as a cyclical creative interaction. When we experience grief, deal with our own mortality or care for another, our bodies store all the emotional reactions and impulses associated with how we feel about these experiences; creating a blueprint of our emotional-physical life.

When caring for others we tend to use quite practical ways of touching and using our bodies. By using sensitivity through touch we access these unspoken and involuntarily impulses, allowing us to have a deeper understanding.

Very simple movement work will allow each individual to make them as simple or complex as needed, the key is to connect the imagination and let it transform our bodies and movement. I am looking for sensitivity rather than extreme movement. Touch will be approached as a tool to uncover sensitivity and communication. Visualisation work will connect us to our memories and imagination. We will warm-up, dance, massage, hold hands and gently manipulate someone else's body to connect with the parasympathetic nervous system and create more sensitivity.

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