Eleesha Drennan

In 2013, during my MA in Contemporary Dance, I had the great opportunity to dance in Eleesha Drennan's Frontier; a newly comissioned work by London Contemporary Dance School for the students in Advance Dance Studies.

This performance was the practical component of my mixed mode MA assessment and I wrote my dissertation on Eleesha Drennan's choreographic process for Frontier (2013): a dancer’s response and sense of embodiment.


The dissertation relayed the key role played by imagery as a method used by the choreographer to facilitate the understanding of her movement vocabulary and its embodiment for her dancers. 

This was related to butoh's choreographical technique and its use of imagery providing a conduit for the discovery of various energetic channels in the dancer's body that once understood can be accessed consciously and activated to animate the movement form, bringing forth a specific quality of movement required for each moment in performance.


Together, my performance in Frontier and my writen work, reflect my specialisation in the embodiment of imagination as a tool for creativity and artistry.



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