Created and Performed: Fabiola Santana

Directed and devised: Will Dickie |

Voice Collaborator: Lisa Lapidge 

Sound-walk interviews: Christine, Nicky, Shaheda, Elham

Sound edit: Will Dickie, Fabiola Santana

A Home for Grief Images: Darren Andrews

Video: Chris Jenkins

A Home for Grief is an experience for one person at a time that begins with a sound-walk through the cityscape. On your journey you will listen on headphones to the voices of local people from different backgrounds, sharing how they take care of their dead and themselves. The trail will lead you to a

home. In this private space you will be guided through an intimate experience exploring care, memory, ritual and grief. Entering alone, your presence will contribute to a tender conversation on how we say goodbye.


This performance is the first step to creating a communal action that serves people of different backgrounds, searching for ways to share grief across boundaries and histories. Fabiola welcomes anyone who wishes to attend with compassion and a loving heart. 

A Home for Grief was funded and produced by Lancaster Arts through a Diverse Actions and Live Art UK Commission for BAME artists (2018-19). It took place (May, 2019) on the streets of Lancaster and inside a 17th century cottage, weaving public and private spaces together.

Grief. Women. Wisdom. Lancaster. - a blog post by Fabiola about meeting local women and the process - here.

Performance Pack here.

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