A note for you

before you start walking


- The experience is best if you set your phone to 'Silent' or 'Do Not Disturb' mode. 

- The audio will not play with a locked screen, so please set the timer that your phone goes to sleep to 5 minutes. 

(if you need help to know how to do this, see the links below!)


- This walk is outdoors and the landscape is always changing. Sometimes I will ask you to stand or sit in a specific place. If that place isn't available, then find a safe spot nearby.


- If you would like to, you can bring a flower, a ribbon and a piece of chalk with you to join me in decorating our walk together. 


- If for access reasons you are unable to do the walk today, you can find a quiet place in the landscape to rest quietly. Then go through the steps and listen to the audio.


You have all you need now

Please return to the Go Jauntly App

on your phone and begin.

How to extend sleep time: