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Good Night, Sleep Tight

Good Night, Sleep Tight is an immersive 1 to 1 VR experience. A motherly bedtime routine will tenderly merge of live performance and virtual reality.

Let yourself be put to bed, see yourself as a 6 year old and reflect on life's big questions. 

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Hotel Medea 

In 2011 and 2012 I was a core member, a rehearsal and training assistant/leader in the acclaimed and award-winning project Hotel Medea

Hotel Medea is a six hours immersive theatrical performance from midnight to dawn that invites the audience to be a collaborator through intimacy, collective action and openess to experience a night together in the trilogy and adaptation of the Jason and Medea's myth.

During the six years that ZU-UK developed and performed Hotel Medea, the company created their own training comprised of a wide range of artforms including; actor's training, capoeira, Suzuki, ritualistic and folklore dances from brazil, butoh, voice work, folklore songs from Brazil and Poland, Grotowski's method, immersive and intimate one-to-one's.

Between 2011-12, we played at: Trinity Buoy Wharf as part of LIFT Festival (2011), Summerhall Edinburgh (2011) and Hayward Gallery (2012). In Brazil, Hotel Medea played Brasilia at the Caixa Cultural Centre (2012). 

Good Night, Sleep Tight documentation coming soon 

'Utterly unmissable, deeply profound and heartbreaking' *****

(The Herald)


'Back home, a few hours later, I fall asleep and it fills my dreams' *****

(The Scotsman)


'Smashes our preconceptions to smithereens, culminating in a hearty breakfast at 5:30am when the audience and cast share memories of a night spattered with blood and tears of regret.' *****



See full review from The List.

Humble Market


I was a performer and a co-deviser for the Carnaval Taxi, a short 10min performance where the audience was hosted by 3 welcoming ladies, entered an interactive Rio Carnival taxi ride and was taken out, in a stern manner, into an interrogation line-up where 3 brazilian militry police women would interrogate them and make them question their individual values under pressure.


Humble Market was an immersive, interactive, performance exhibition combining technology  and performance art that challenges audiences social ideals, their individual stances in their environment and wider placement in the world.

Performed within an experimental approach, the work was performed at the Preston Guild Festival, under a bridge, where the audience rotated  between five different vehicles and its performances.