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Poetics of the Body
Workshop by Fabiola Santana

How do we relate, experience and respond to loss, decay and grief?
A WORKSHOP for intergenerational artists and non-artists who are interested in participating in discussions and using their bodies to explore the themes of memory, decay, loss and grief; intimate/immersive performance; and to look for new rituals to deal with death.

The movement tasks are inspired by Butoh and contemporary dance. Very simple movement work will allow each individual to make them as simple or complex as needed, the key is to connect the imagination and let it transform our bodies and movement. I am looking for sensitivity rather than extreme movement. Touch will be approached as a tool to uncover sensitivity and communication.

Group discussions will complement the bodily explorations and together we'll look at frailty, decay, carrying, holding and letting go - how does the body respond? How do we carry the memory of our dead? What is your favourite death fantasy? If dying was a job what kind of candidate would you be?

Fabiola's artistic practice is a response and an inquiry into place and memory, where process and methodologies are shaped by experiential research into memories of home. From her ongoing training practice in contemporary dance, Butoh, actor training, voice work; she seeks to create performances that bring herself and the audience to the present moment, through authentic human interactions. 

This workshops based the methodology Fabiola applies to her solo work, A Home for Grief.

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